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Energy Efficient Plexiglass

Save up to 30% on Energy Bills.

Without Having To Replace Your Windows!

Energy Efficient Plexiglass Information

Energy Efficient Plexiglass USA is working with Americans to ensure your windows will perform for you and the environment. Due to the thermal conductivity of glass, it’s proven that it is the greatest source of energy loss in any building, with more than 50% going right through your windows.

Our storm window double glazing is a sustainable investment with no fixed term that offers a range of energy and environmental benefits. 

In many instances, our customers recoup their initial investment within the first six years of purchasing our product just on energy saving alone.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in Plexiglass USA storm windows energy-efficient solution:

  • Energy Conservation and Cost Savings– less energy use and the reduced need for artificial heating and cooling can save you money on energy bills.  Complete replacement provides an extra environmental advantage of avoiding landfill due to the reuse of existing window materials instead of replacement materials
  • Carbon Footprint– interior heating and cooling are a direct cause of carbon emissions, which can be avoided by insulating windows, creating a greener building or home.
Energy Efficient Plexiglass

Stay Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer.

How Does Energy Efficient Plexiglass Work?

We magnetically attach a virgin acrylic grade glazing panel to the interior of your existing window. This creates an airtight cavity between the window and your Plexiglass USA system. What is Plexiglass?

PlexiglassnStorm Window Acrylic

How Plexiglass USA is Retrofitted

When you are literally feeling the draft coming from your windows or you’re seeing your bills go through the roof, its time you made a difference to your homes performance.


Our interior storm windows are installed on the interior of your frames. You will be making a considerable upgrade to your energy efficiency while reducing sound at the same time!

Plexiglass USA’s retrofit storm window solution have been designed and tested to work with your existing windows, doors, skylights and glass areas.

Plexiglass USA’s storm windows allow you to enjoy the benefits of double glazing without replacing the existing windows. Our storm windows double glazing solutions provide proven results and many other benefits:

  • Cost effective– This is no bandage!  Although this is a quick and simple solution that requires no structural changes our product is a permanent solution that will give you years of enjoyment. It also means reduced material and installation costs, which creates a faster return on your investment.  Our system does not change the visual aspect of the building façade.


  • Convenient– Storm window double glazing your windows without replacing your existing windows, will reduce installation times and mess in your home or office.


  • Virtually undetectable– Our virgin grade acrylic won’t affect the look and feel of your windows from the inside or outside, nor hinder visibility through the window

Custom Installation – Our system is custom fit on project to tailor the installation to the shape of the window, which ensures

  • Optimal Performance
  • Easy to Maintain– Because our product is made of acrylic our windows are lighter than glass and can be easily opened for cleaning and fresh air

Weather Proof Your Home From Cold Drafts

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Don’t Replace your Windows!

Retrofit your existing windows by installing an interior storm panel

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Fits Existing Windows

Plexiglass USA windows are built to perfectly fit on any type and size of pre-existing windows on your building.

Thermal Comfort

Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer our windows create a comfortable environment all year long.

Energy Efficiency

Case studies show that our customers are saving as much as 30% on both their heating and cooling energy bills.